A larger labour force in the Nordic countries, 2008

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English summary

In the autum of 2007, the Nordic emloyers’ and business organisations agreed to establish a working group to analyze the potentials for a larger labour force in the Nordic countries. This report is based on this work.

The following persons have participatd in writing this report:

Torill Lødemel, NHO, Norway

Riitta Wärn, EK, Finland

Gudrún S. Eyjòlfsdottir, SA, Ieland

Karen Ekenger, Svenskt Näringsliv, Sweden

Erik Simonsen, DA, Denmark

The report is divided into two main parts. Chapters 2-4 is the descriptive part, while the policies and findings are compared in Chapter 5.

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Erik E. Simonsen
33 38 94 13
17. september 2008