Nils C. Trampe

Nils C. Trampe


Telephone number

33 38 92 94

Cell phone number

29 20 02 94


Nils C. Trampe

Director, Social Affairs

Nils Christian Trampe works with the representation of DA’s interests in relation to the EU. Nils works with EU material, which deals with the areas of the working environment, information and consultation, working conditions and administrative burdens. In this regard, he works closely with DA’s European umbrella organisation in Brussels, BusinessEurope, and with our European sister organisations. Nils represents DA in the EU’s Economic and Social Committee (ESC) and in various fora under the auspices of BusinessEurope.

Nils holds an MA in Politics from the University of Copenhagen and has a degree from the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium.

“I think it is hugely exciting to, on the one hand, work with generating progress in Europe, which Denmark and the Danish business community is completely dependent upon and, at the same time, help ensure that the labour efficient labour market we have in Denmark can be accommodated when it comes to EU decisions.”

EU and labour law