Anders Borup Christensen

Anders Borup Christensen


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+45 33 38 93 11

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+45 29 20 03 11


Anders Borup Christensen

Chief Economist, Head of Analysis

Anders Borup Christensen is the head of DA’s Analysis Unit. Labour Market Analysis is responsible for monitoring the development of the labour market and the analysis of current labour market conditions. Therefore, the work areas encompass a broad range of themes relating to labour market policy, including, for example, the lack of manpower, the influx of foreign manpower, the retirement of senior employees from the labour market and the working environment.

Anders holds an MA from Aarhus University and has previously been employed as an office manager in the Danish Ministry of Finance.

“At DA, you have the opportunity to work with highly topical subjects in the field of labour market policy and to participate actively in the political-economic debate.” It makes DA an extremely motivating and exciting place to work.”