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The Summit in Porto needs to reaffirm the role of the social partners in the future of social Europe


The Nordic employers’ confederations welcome the Social Summit in Porto and share the ambition of a Europe with high social standards and strong competitiveness.

The Social Summit in Porto is an important and well-timed occasion to discuss the future of social Europe. The Nordic employers stand behind the aim of the summit to strengthen the European social dimension in the light of the digital and green transitions, as well as the post-pandemic economic and social recovery.

We also welcome the opportunity to herald a broader discussion on social policies in the EU and set tracks for a social compass of the Union in the wake of the pandemic. As Nordic employers we fully subscribe to the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights and to the principle laid out in the Lisbon Treaty, that social and economic progress must go hand in hand. These are the foundations of our social market economy – a model of cohesion and competitiveness that has brought well-functioning welfare systems and high living standards.

When it comes to social and labour market policies in the Union, however, we need to reaffirm our common standing:

  • Respect for the core principles in the Lisbon Treaty – the principle of subsidiarity and proportionality
  • Respect for the competence of the member states and national welfare and labour market models
  • Importance of the pillar being a legally non-binding document

Nordic employers' contribution to The Social Summit in Porto 2021.pdf

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